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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On mortgage foreclosures, Swanson gets an 'A+'

Despite the internal strife that has gripped the Minnesota Attorney General's Office, AG Lori Swanson made an impressive showing in a report that ACORN released this week ranking state AGs' efforts fighting mortgage foreclosures.

Swanson was one of six state AGs who got an "A+" from the grassroots community group. The other state AGs getting the highest ranking were from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and Iowa.

Management controversies don't always translate to bad external performance by an office. It's worth recalling that despite the turbulence in the local U.S. Attorney's Office last year, it was reported that the office managed to set a productivity record under Rachel Paulose.


Anonymous said...

The news hasn't been all good for our favorite union buster this week:


Could the karmic tide finally be turning?

Anonymous said...

Well, the ACORN rating is not unbiased. While Lori Swanson was Solicitor General under Hatch, ACORN received $$$$ from the Attorney General's lawsuit against Capital One -$$$$ that could have gone to State of Minnesota General Fund = TAXPAYERS...The amount of which was significantly reduced during negotiations under curious circumstances that raise questions of political considerations interfering with the duty of the AG to represent the public interest. ACORN's political action arm endorsed Lori Swanson shortly after the $$$$ was awarded. As this court decision points out, the AG is the watchdog over charitable money, charitable trusts and solicitation activity. ACORN solicits money from the public in donations for charitable purposes - to help economically disadvantaged people with housing issues and other challenges. It has a history of violating state laws that regulate that activity ( see AG's Assurance of Discontinuance against Minnesota ACORN) and yet this AG caters to ACORN - soliciting their endorsement while she holds a legal duty to regulate it. Blinders? or Selective enforcement?