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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Senate race has officially gone too Favre

Independent senatorial candidate Dean Barkley is a bit late to the race, but he’s making up for lost time by zeroing in on the issues that really matter to Minnesotans: the economy, gas prices, health-care reform, and….Brett Favre.

Barkley’s lawn signs, while touting his candidacy on one side, have a separate message on the back: “Brett Favre for Minnesota Quarterback.”

Never mind that as long as Favre’s current team (which shall remain nameless -- after all, this is Minnesota Lawyer) retains his rights, he will never play for the Vikings. Part of the job of a candidate is to tell people what they want to hear.

At the moment, Favre has yet to offer an official endorsement of Barkley’s candidacy. Who knows -- maybe he’s waiting to endorse a candidate from the Green Party.

1 comment:

Mark Cohen, editor said...

Frankly, I found Barkley's publicity stunt a little cheesy.