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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A stressful day, Bar none

It was a red-letter day for hundreds of law school grads Tuesday, as they gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the first half of the Minnesota Bar exam.

Minnesota Lawyer Editor-in-Chief Mark Cohen was there to catch test-takers at the peak of their anxiety - moments before the exam began.

Oh, and he brought a one-man camera crew to preserve the moment for posterity ...

Lawyers: Did you shun society, J.D. Salinger-like, in the weeks before the exam? Did you lie awake the night before? And then down eight Grande Mocha Fraps that morning?

Or do you think the stress-filled mythos surrounding the Bar is a bit overblown? (Certainly a couple of these test-takers appear almost Zen-like as they enter the hall.)

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