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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marler Clark strikes again

Actually, it was E. coli that struck again — in the intestines of a Minnesota woman.

But the Seattle-based Marler Clark law firm stuck back in a lawsuit filed suit yesterday alleging negligence against meat producer PM Beef and retailer Lund Food Holdings.

According to the Associated Press, Anne Herwig was one of seven Minnesotans infected with E. coli bacteria this spring, leading PM Beef to voluntarily recall 117,500 pounds of beef trim products.

The lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court seeks undisclosed damages for Herwig's pain and suffering, medical expenses and emotional distress. The bug can cause severe stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea, with complications leading to kidney failure.

With all the recently publicized E. coli cases, Marler Clark has carved out quite a germy niche for itself. Minnesota Lawyer reported in October that the firm snapped up the cases of more than 70 plaintiffs during last year’s E. coli-tainted spinach outbreak.

1 comment:

Bill Marler said...

Michael - thanks for noticing. I will be in Minneapolis next week mediating some of the Spinach E. coli cases.