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Friday, June 15, 2007

MWL meeting a success

Minnesota Women Lawyers put on an impressive event on Wednesday evening at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis.

The organization's 35th annual meeting on June 13 began with a reception that included complimentary drinks and appetizers. It was a really nice opportunity for women lawyers -- and judges -- and some brave and supportive males as well -- to mingle and make bids on the many silent auction items available.

During the dinner portion of the evening, outgoing president Mary Vasaly passed the gavel to Kari Jensen Thomas. Various awards were also handed out, including the Myra Bradwell Award to Minneapolis attorney Trudy Halla and the Service to MWL Award to Roseville attorney Judith Oakes and Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs Carrie Daniel, Cynthia Eidnes, Karen Reierson and Kate Westad.

The keynote speaker, legal and political commentator Susan Estrich, was a definite hit. Her comments on women in the legal profession were humorous at times, poignant at others and thought-provoking throughout.

Finally, the reports I received from meat eaters at the event were that the chicken and potatoes dinner was great as well. As a vegetarian, I feel compelled to add that I was particularly impressed with my meatless meal of pasta noodles and sauce -- something I can't always say following events like these. (For example, at Minnesota Lawyer's own Up and Coming Attorney luncheon last month, I am a bit embarrassed to admit, the hotel's idea of a vegetarian meal was to remove the chicken from our plate and add three pieces of broccoli!)

Kudos to Minnesota Women Lawyers for a great evening!

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