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Monday, September 24, 2007

Blog name slaughtered?

Former Star Tribune media reporter Deborah Rybak -- whom we have blogged about here before -- has joined forces with Brian Lambert at the blog formerly known as Lambert to the Slaughter (see "Rybak to the Slaughter"). The header on the blog now reads: "Brian Lambert & Deborah Rybak To the Slaughter."

Rybak -- a well-respected veteran reporter -- will no doubt be an excellent addition to the blog, which is already a must read for those interested in the doings of the local media. However, I cannot help lamenting the havoc the name change wreaks on the whole "lamb to the slaughter" reference. It really gets my goat. I know. I know. That was really baaaaaaaad.


Rybak said...

God, I hate to be such a spoiler. I loved Lambert to the Slaughter and urged them not to mess with success. I'm sure we'll end up like most comedy teams and fight, then break up. I'll go off and start Rybak on the Rampage and you'll have your lamb back at the killing field....

Mark Cohen, editor said...

Thank ewe for your comment. For the sheer entertainment of the lively debates you will have together, I am more than willing to sacrifice the lamb. In fact, I am feeling a little sheepish for even mentioning it. I pledge from now on silence on the lambs.