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Thursday, November 8, 2007

KQRS lawyers are busy, so you should listen more

This image graces a billboard at Seventh and Portland in downtown Minneapolis, but it's just not working for me.

As you might remember, KQRS ticked off the American Indian community last month after "Morning Show" hosts suggested that genetics and incest are to blame for high suicide rates on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

I thought it was a stupid thing to say. Tribal leaders said it was a stupid thing to say. And we all figured KQ's management agreed.

The station apologized for the comments and agreed to a host of concessions, such as allowing equal time for positive stories in tribal communities and airing announcements for a suicide hotline.

So what is this billboard really trying to say? (Other than shock jocks stopped being cool around the turn of the century, but we missed the memo.)

Here's the best I can come up with:
• KQ says dumb things
• Lawyers will defend the dumb things said on KQ
• You should listen to KQ more

Chino Latino billboards were at least clever. This one? Not so much.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...



KQ…Most Outrageous Act: 1990/1992
Think before you sign and leap.

Summer is here and that means Radio Crazy Season.
Gimmicks and Games, Contest to see who is the most sick, dumb, daring, stupid, crazy basturd out there.
Remember the most Outrageous Act contest you use to hold
1990 and in 1992.
You were going to hold it again last year but there was a death from a water drinking contest held by some other radio show. So I thank you for not holding the outrageous act contest.
I hope you will never do it again or even think about it or even think of a show or contest that would put us the public the what you call "FAN'S" in harms way.
I know from first hand experience what happens when you enter one of these contests that requires you to sign a waiver putting all liability on the us the fan's shoulder's PERIOD which hey buyer beware. You should let me talk to anyone who is going to enter your contest first so they can get a first hand account of how you will be left hanging If you get hurt do not look for any type of support, well wishes, or any response of any kind other than from the radio stations lawyers, reminding you about that waiver you signed, this is while you're hooked up to tubes and machines lying in a hospital bed at home with you're neck broken and you have lost you're feeling in you're legs and arms and you are going to spend the next four years in physical rehab at sister Kinney, trust me, like I said I know first hand I broke my neck in the 1992 most outrageous act contest, closed head injury, had the out of body experience thing right there at River Place.
I won you're contest but like I said I paid a price. In a way thank the odd god's that I had the out of body thing the trauma from the injury was so bad my brain left and took me out side of my body. It was not until we were heading home after the contest that I was able to tell my x-wife now to take me to the hospital something is wrong. Long story short, walked in the ER. But went out lying down, diving into that swimming pool filled with chicken shit and guts for $5000.00 was the stupidest thing ever. When I hit the first time, well it was head first that’s when I heard my neck break than I slide and hit that curb that’s when my sub conscience left the body, I was standing outside of myself screaming for help, everything was bright yellow I still wear yellow tinted glasses today. 16 years later my brain still thinks it needs to see yellow.
Anyways Summer is here be safe and KQ Fans DO NOT enter any radio show or any type of contest that you could get injured in the amount of money you maybe getting is not even going to cover the crying tissues in the hospital.
I lost everything…Job, wife, home, health…it is now 2008
I have had 2 more surgeries on my neck just in the past 2 years and now looking at what will be my 5th I have to live on the tit of others and in chronic constant pain it sucks and it is not what I want to happen to you fans of KQ. KQ cast will not be there to be understanding or anything not one person from KQ even acknowledged me or my families needs then or even now. Tom may piss and moan about Jesse not being their for support when he was down, hey!!! KQ you talk to us like "We the Fans are the best" but I am proof that the fan is not held in very good regard. The whole staff turned their backs on me.
So my point… don’t be a dumbass like me, don't sign the waiver and don't enter a contest that will put you in harms way you could end up like me and it is not pretty eh! Not pretty at all I don't even know where to begin to polish this turd other then to convince you KQ fans nothing is worth getting hurt over especially when it turns out to be a life time of hell.
I write this to you KQ because I have to live with the choice I made everyday it is a suffering choice. Please I pray just don't put us "THE BEST FANS IN THE BUSINESS" in harms way ever again. I only bring my life up to you once again because I don't want you to forget me. The pain that contest has caused me and my broken family and how it still causes complications for us today.
We really did loose everything bankruptcy, broken home, broken body and spirit.
I hope you read this and share this with the listening fans they need to be wise and not as ignorant like I was no one else should have to go through this I and my family have paid the dues and you KQ should be compassionate enough to understand where I am coming from it is from my heart. And crippled body.
I still listen to sometimes not like I use kinda, rare really, understandable, my brothers do at their work and it was one of them who told me about you wanting to put on the contest again Please don't or at least before you do. Look me and my family in the eye's see are pain don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear you already did that 16 years ago no need to do it again,
have some decency about this and give me some peace at least knowing you won't ever hold that contest or any of its kind again.
A Fan not as loyal I use to be
But hey if the shoe fits right. Fricken skippy.
Broken, snapped, and cracked but still kicken.