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Thursday, November 8, 2007

MinnPost debuts with ... Melendez?

The much-touted (hyped?) MinnPost online news site debuted today at 11:00 a.m. The site is staffed by a number of veteran journalists -- many of whom are refugees of the newsroom "trimming" that has been occurring at the (once large) metro dailies.

So why are we mentioning the launch here on Minnesota Lawyer blog? Well, how could we not when the lead story of the just-launched new venture includes a photo of Minnesota State Bar Association President Brian Melendez (right). The story quotes Melendez wearing his other hat -- chair of the state's DFL.

The piece is entitled: "Right Now the D in DFL stands for debt." (Hmmm. Wonder what the "F" and "L" stand for then?) Former Star Tribune columnist Doug Grow wrote the story, which examines the financial situation of the DFL.

"How bad is it? Not nearly as bad as the rumor mill suggests," Melendez wrote in a memo quoted in Grow's story. "The Party's financial situation is cause for concern but not for alarm."

In the interest of balance, the article also says the GOP is struggling too. How about a follow-up story? I have a title to suggest: "Right Now the P in GOP stands for Pecuniary Problems." Oh wait, that wouldn't work. Never mind.

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