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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Murder case with local connection gets the ‘Fatal Vision’ treatment

A quarter-century ago, author Joe McGinniss wrote one of the most acclaimed crime-related books of all time, ‘Fatal Vision.’ The real-life story of Green Beret Capt. Jeffrey MacDonald, M.D. -- who in 1979 was convicted of the murder of his pregnant wife and his two young daughters – ‘Fatal Vision’ was made into a successful TV miniseries and raised the bar when it came to combining elements of reportage and prose in depicting a criminal case.

Now McGinniss has turned his focus to a case with a Minnesota connection. His newest book, ‘Never Enough,’ examines the case of Nancy Kissel, a former student at the University of Minnesota’s business school, who was jailed for life in Hong Kong for murdering her wealthy husband, allegedly so she could begin a new life with a Vermont television repairman.

Kissel, who recently broke her silence about the case, says McGinniss’s book about her case distorts the facts. Her attorneys say that if she wasn’t so focused on an appeal of her 2005 conviction, she would consider a defamation lawsuit.

‘Fatal Vision’ also drew fire from supporters of MacDonald who felt the book didn’t portray his side of the case fairly. Nonetheless, ‘Never Enough’ sounds like compelling fireside reading for fans of true-crime literature.

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