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Friday, February 8, 2008

Construction company facing bias lawsuit

A large local construction company is facing a major civil rights lawsuit.

Earlier this week eight Latino immigrant employees filed suit in federal District Court against Mulcahy, Inc., and its affiliates, alleging they were forced to work under exploitive conductions.

The plaintiffs allege that white employees of Mulcahy have worked 40 hours per week with meal periods and other breaks, while they and other Latino immigrant employees have been forced to work 72 hours per week with few or no breaks and no overtime pay. In addition, the suit alleges that Mulcahy has paid the plaintiffs and other Latino immigrant employees in cash and at a fraction of the rate paid to white employees doing the same type of work. Mulcahy also has allegedly withheld health care and other benefits from Latino immigrant employees that have been provided to white employees.

One of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs told Minnesota Lawyer that the plaintiffs tried to address the issues with the company before filing the suit, to no avail. “The company doesn’t seem to be taking seriously the rights of employees and its own legal obligations under the law,” said Minneapolis civil rights lawyer Justin Cummins. “It’s striking in the 21st century to see this kind of conduct by an employer.”

Minneapolis attorney Richard Ross, who represents Mulcahy, has stated publicly that the allegations are “completely fabricated” and that the suit seems like a “publicity stunt.”

The plaintiffs are asking the court to certify the case as a class action.


Anonymous said...

"Minneapolis attorney Richard Ross, who represents Mulcahy, has stated publicly that the allegations are 'completely fabricated' and that the suit seems like a 'publicity stunt.'"

Yes, makes sense to me. We all know how much immigrant construction workers being paid in cash love publicity.

Anonymous said...

If the allegations are correct (which from my experience leads me to beleive they are) Why would the Twins and/or Gophers want to use a contractor who violates state law and hires illegal immigrants. Two, pays them a un livable wage. Maybe 1099 them which then would be against the law if those individuals do not have a contractors license.. Also, what type of public relations issue will these customers recieve for exploiting immigrant workers especailly those of hispanic decent.

Good Luck