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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monitoring the Mole

If there can be said to be an upside to the devastation that has hit some of the local print media, it has been the tremendous spurt of online innovation that has resulted.

All sorts of fascinating electronic journalism ventures have cropped up. One of those is shuttering today -- The Daily Mole. Steve Perry, the site's founder, is joining the Minnesota Monitor, another online journalism venture.

The Daily Mole was full of interesting little tidbits about all sorts of topics. It also had the occasional serious piece, although nobody was going to confuse it with MinnPost. (Not a lot on the Daily Mole about wind turbines, for example.) I liked the site because it was a fun, quick read.

I look forward to seeing Steve's stuff at the Minnesota Monitor site. I also wonder whether the Star Tribune will move into The Daily Mole's offices now that the Strib's real estate is back on the market. It's tough to be a brick-and-mortar operation without the -- you know -- brick and mortar

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