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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chiefly speaking

I thought we did pretty well on this blog to give you a heads up that Chief Justice Russell Anderson might step down from the high court three days before his retirement was officially announced. But then I got an e-mail from Burton Randall Hanson over at the Daily Judge blog. Hanson sent me a link to a blog post he made predicting the 2008 retirement in December 2005, right after Anderson's appointment as chief was announced. (Scroll down to "Is MN's new Chief a caretaker Chief?" about a fifth of the way down the page.) Hanson definitely deserves the early bird award here.

Meanwhile, Judith Yates Borger over at MinnPost had her thoughts yesterday on "Who will replace the state's retiring chief justice?" Her list of possibilities included three excellent Court of Appeals judges who would also bring a diverse perspective to the state high court -- Judge Natalie Hudson, Judge Mimi Wright and Chief Judge Ed Toussaint.

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