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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mukasey's selection as BC commencement speaker proves controversial

My alma mater, Boston College Law School, scored U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey to be its commencement speaker this year -- an announcement the dean proudly made last January. But, now some members of the school's faculty have sent Mukasey a letter disinviting him, Legal Blog Watch reports.

Well, technically the letter asks the AG to reconsider his decision to accept the dean's invitation. In breaking ranks with the school's administration, the faculty explains to Mukasey:

We realize that you face complex professional difficulties in your position as
Attorney General. We are very concerned, however, that your role in the current
controversy regarding the legality of waterboarding has made you a symbol of
Administration policies that conflict with basic principles of international and
domestic law, the ideals of Boston College Law School, and the Jesuit principles
that underlie Boston College’s educational mission.

No news yet whether Mukasey has RSVP'd to the disinvitation.

The Legal Blog Watch posting was made by Massachusetts attorney/ writer Bob Ambrogi, a former work colleague and fellow BCLS alum. He notes at the end of the post, "If there is a letter for alumni along the lines of that signed by the faculty, add my name."

An interesting side note: Ambrogi relates that posters on the BC law student's blog (eagleionline) discovered that, after Mukasey's selection as commencement speaker kicked up controversy, BC's marketing department altered the online version of the press release announcing it. The original version of the release had referred to the AG as a "role model," but that term was deleted in a later posted version. After the deletion was exposed, the administration added the word "role model" back in. Apparently the law students have posted all three versions of the press release on their blog. You've gotta' love the Internet.

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