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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some last minute judicial challenges

Time is just about up to file with the Secretary of State, and a handful of additional judicial candidates have filtered in. Here are some last-minute filings for judicial challenges:

Hennepin County Family Court Referee Thomas Haeg has filed against Judge James T. Swenson in Hennepin County.

In the 10th Judicial District, Luke R. Stellpflug is taking on Judge Nancy J. Logering (again). Stellpflug ran unsuccessfully against Logering when she was last up for election six years ago in 2002. Stellpflug got 32 percent of the vote to Logering's 68 percent in that election.

Also, in the 10th Judicial District, Ramsey attorney John P. Dehen will square off against Judge Robert B. Varco.


Anonymous said...

Judge Logering is in the 10th, not the 9th district

Mark Cohen, editor said...

Thanks. I made the correction.

Inalienable Rights said...

John Dehen is unqualified both in terms of competence and ethics to be a judge. He does not understand the difference between a "town" and a "city," even though this has been explained to him on multiple occasions, and his self-interested lawsuit against PACT Charter School has already robbed our children of $50,000 which should have been used for their education. See the Court's decision at


He is currently appealing the Court's very well formulated decision, which was rock solid against him.

Inalienable Rights said...

Here is that court decision as a link, since it appears the plain text doesn't wrap and got cut off.