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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New BlackBerry comes equipped with WiFi

If the thought of cruising a WiFi network on a BlackBerry makes your mouth water, grab a napkin before reading further.

Device maker Research In Motion today officially announced the much-anticipated BlackBerry 8820—its first phone with WiFi capability.

Of course, BlackBerry users already had access to the Web through their cellular provider’s EDGE network—and will continue to have that option. But with the 8820, people will be able to connect to the Internet at any number of wireless hotspots across the country.

The 8820 is also the company’s thinnest phone, sporting a QWERTY keyboard, 320x240 display, trackball navigator and built-in Global Positioning System—not to mention usual features such as Bluetooth and a MicroSD slot.

Wireless provider AT&T will begin carrying the BlackBerry 8820 later this summer. RIM hasn’t released a price yet.

I predict this device will become the iPhone for the attorney set.

1 comment:

Ed Kohler said...

That really does change how the phone can be used. Things that were simply too painful to access will be relatively easy with WiFi. Of course, it has to have a decent browser capable of accessing sites as well, so it doesn't mean it will suddenly behave like your computer on a WiFi network.