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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Union wants to rid Strib of Par

The following is the text of a resolution that the Star Tribune's Newspaper Guild/Typographical Union passed overwhelmingly today (of about 110 voting, only two voted against it):

"We, the journalists of the Star Tribune, call on Par Ridder to resign as publisher. We believe the unethical actions to which he admitted in court have damaged the Star Tribune's credibility and integrity and undermined our ability to hold public figures accountable for their actions. For the good of the Star Tribune and the community it serves, we believe he should step down."

The Strib article on the subject quotes one of the paper's own reporters, Dan Browning, as saying, "People don't take us as seriously." Browning went on to call Ridder's actions "corrosive" to the newspaper's reputation.

Meanwhile, across the river, the Pioneer Press has announced another round of buyouts as its advertising revenues continue to slide. The paper wants 30 individuals to accept its buyout offer this time -- with 15 of those staff reductions expected to come in the paper's newsroom. Layoffs are possible if there are an insufficient number of buyouts.

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