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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pants plaintiff loses motion

This item is from this morning's Washington Post:

Motion to Reconsider Is Rejected

A D.C. Superior Court judge rejected a motion yesterday to reconsider her ruling against the man who sued a dry cleaner for $54 million.

Judge Judith Bartnoff said Roy L. Pearson Jr. did not present any new argument or authority in asking her to reconsider her decision in the suit, which involved a pair of pants and gained national attention.


Personally, I think it's time for this particular plaintiff to put a zipper on it ...


J J Cohen said...

My suggested headline was "Pants Dropped."

Mark Cohen, editor said...

In my post, I failed to credit the above commenter, Professor Jeffrey Cohen of George Washington University, with forwarding me the Washington Post item referenced here.

My brother Jeffrey indeed did suggest the headline "Pants Dropped" for the piece -- a suggestion that I quickly deposited in my circular file, where it remains.

In any event, Jeffrey has his own blog focused on Medieval literature aptly entitled "In the Middle." (www.jjcohen.blogspot.com)

Check it out for the next time you need to "get medieval" with opposing counsel.