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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marshal Law (Suits)

USA Today has a piece today advocating for allowing soldiers to sue for noncombat related injuries that are the result of negligence. ("What our soldiers really need: Lawyers")

"If members of Congress truly want the best for our troops, they should start by giving them the same legal protections that the members themselves enjoy. No one is asking for Congress to treat our soldiers as high-value VIPs, but simply full-valued citizens with the same protections as the people they are defending around the world." writes George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley.

I think it is an interesting proposition. I suppose opponents of the proposal would argue that negligence lawsuits would be disruptive to the military chain of command. However, Turley makes a good case that absolving military personnel of negligence liability for their acts has some undesirable consequences.

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