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Friday, April 13, 2007

When media are in need of mediators

With the two major general circulation dailies in the Twin Cities locked in a lawsuit with each other, whom can we count on to objectively cover it? Ever since Par Ridder and a merry band of his followers defected from the Pioneer Press to the Star Tribune, this story has been mushrooming. Then the inevitable lawsuit was filed yesterday. Check out:
-- Pioneer Press sues Star Tribune, seeks ouster of publisher in the Pioneer Press (and the much more charged Pioneer Press accuses ex-publisher of fraud, theft published today); also
-- Star Tribune sued over publisher in the Strib for the defendant's point of view.

I love the way each of the papers started its headline with its own name. I will go out on a limb and say the Strib/ Pioneer Press legal match up will get a lot of ink.

Meanwhile, Par's laptop continues to be a major player in the controversy, with the Pioneer Press claiming that he copied all the files on it before tuning it over. Personally, I think the laptop contains all those missing e-mails about the U.S. attorney firings that the administration maintains were irretrievably deleted -- along with detailed schematics of the UFO kept in Area 51 and the truth behind the Kennedy assassination. Why else would they be fighting so vehemently about whether the information on it was misappropriated?

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