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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

R.I.P. Rider

It's sad to see Rider Bennett go the way of Popham Haik, which dissolved in 1997. There is an interesting piece on the Popham Haik implosion that I found with a Google search. The article -- which ran in the Business Journal on June 27, 1997, is entitled: Dissolved firm teaches start ups. The piece delves into the lessons learned from the breakup by the many spin-off firms from the dying oak that was Popham.

With the demise of a quality firm like Rider Bennett, one wonders what future mid-sized general practice law firms have in the scheme of things. Was this unavoidable? What will the lessons learned of the inevitable Rider Bennett spin-offs be? Hopefully the Rider Bennett partners won't get involved in the kind of acrimony that accompanied the dissolution of Doherty Rumble & Butler a few years ago.

In any event, I would like to send out my regards into the blogosphere for the latest mid-sized firm to bite the dust. Whether it is law-firm Darwinism that killed it or something else, it will be missed in the legal community. R&B had a sterling reputation and its untimely demise is unfortunate on many levels.

Good luck to all its lawyers and support staff in securing a new gig. And if you do start a spin-off, make sure to get Minnesota Lawyer subscriptions for all your lawyers! You can click here to subscribe. ;0)

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