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Friday, April 13, 2007

Women In Islam

Minneapolis Legal Aid attorney Imani Jaafar-Mohammad spoke at the Women’s Human Rights Series at Briggs and Morgan in Minneapolis on Tuesday, April 10, on “Women’s Rights in Islam."

The standing-room only event is scheduled to be repeated on Monday, April 23. The William Mitchell College of Law graduate told the group that it is important to differentiate between religion and culture, and that the religion of Islam recognizes gender equity while preserving gender identity.

Many of the conflicts in the world today are not compelled by Islamic religion or the Quran, she said. Jaafar-Mohammad advocated a return to traditional Islamic practices as a solution to ideological conflict.

Pictured with Jaafar-Mohammad (center) are Briggs and Morgan attorney Jeffrey Keyes and Cheryl Thomas of Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.

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