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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hanson to depart high court, return to Briggs and Morgan

By Barbara L. Jones

Members of the legal community reacted with sadness to the news that Justice Sam Hanson will leave the Supreme Court at the end of this year.

Hanson will return to his former law firm, Briggs and Morgan in Minneapolis, where he practiced for 34 years until Governor Jesse Ventura appointed him to the Court of Appeals in 2000. Hanson was elevated to the Supreme Court in 2002.

“My service on the Court has undoubtedly been the highlight of my legal career,” said Hanson in announcing his retirement from the court. “I have been privileged to participate in the resolution of important cases with six marvelous colleagues, who never fail to enrich the discussion with thoughtful and varied perspectives.“

Hanson went on to expressed enormous respect for all the state’s judiciary and gratitude for the various administrative initiatives on which he was able to work.

“I return to private practice with a renewed sense of appreciation for the importance of the rule of law in the progress and well-being of our society,” the respected jurist said.

Hanson, 68, would reach mandatory retirement age in August 2009.

Editor's Note: We will run a more detailed piece on the bench and bar's reaction to Hanson's departure in Monday's print edition of Minnesota Lawyer.

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