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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Input welcome

It's been just about six months since we started this blog, which is a collaborative venture of the entire Minnesota Lawyer editorial staff.

By having multiple bloggers, we expose you to the differing personalities and voices of our staff. I personally like to think of it as a band. You've got Barbara Jones on drums, Michelle Lore on keyboard, Dan Heilman on guitar and Michael Krieger on bass. Every now and again they let me bang on a cymbal or two. In any event, it is an honor to play in such company.

As we celebrate our half birthday (six months is like 12 months in "blog years"), I thought I would provide this thread in case anybody has any thoughts or comments about this blog that he or she would like to share. And if you don't, do not blame us if we just give you more of the same. ;0)


Aaron said...

Cool. Just wanted to say hi. I have this blog in my reader, don't comment much. Wanted to say I'm out here reading! Happy half birthday.

S. Glover said...

I enjoy the blog very much. Keep up the good work!

Bob Webber said...

More Cowbell!

(sorry - had to do it).

hamline 2L said...

love the sense of humor -- keep it up!

Mark Cohen, editor said...

Thanks for checking in and the kind words.

Bob -- That's ok. Anyone who can pull out a timely SNL reference on a moment's notice is OK in my book!

And 2L, we will endeavor to keep injecting a little humor now and again. Fortunately lawyers continue to do a lot of funny things ...