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Friday, October 12, 2007

'White' plaintiff Wersal winding down his law practice

Monday's Minnesota Lawyer contains a little tidbit that will undoubtedly be of interest to those who have followed the seemingly interminable controversies and litigation surrounding Minnesota's judicial campaigning restrictions. Golden Valley attorney Greg Wersal -- a coplaintiff in Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, the successful U.S. Supreme Court challenge to those restrictions -- is winding down his law practice.

Specifically, Wersal says in the Bar Buzz column that he is no longer taking new clients and is looking into other ways to make a living.

Besides being a plaintiff in White, Wersal is probably best known for a series of unsuccessful election challenges he made for a seat on the state Supreme Court. His campaign methods were, shall we say, a tad unconventional. For example, one of his strategies was to cart plywood cows around the state with a sign attached saying judicial elections in the state were "bull." He also assigned himself a "prisoner" number that he carried around on a sign to demonstrate that speech restrictions placed on judicial candidates were holding him hostage.

On the other hand, his lawsuit was not frivolous and has sparked reform that requires a full overhaul of how elections are run. Plus, it gave Minnesota Lawyer a lot of good stories, so I really can't complain.

And for those who think shuttering his law practice means Wersal is completely out of the picture, guess again. At the very least, he isn't quite ready to give the Nixon-esque "You won't have Wersal to kick around anymore" speech yet. When asked what closing his practice means for his political future, Wersal enigmatically replied, “I’ve now got a lot of free time.”

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