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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Has Yale Law slipped in the rankings?

I came across the following correction in the Strib:

A May 3 letter in some papers incorrectly stated that Rachel Paulose, U.S. attorney for Minnesota, attended a "tier four" law school. She attended Yale.

Hmmm. I would think Yale would at least be considered a "tier 3" school.


Peter said...

I saw that too. There is a phrase in journalism, "too good to check." The "tier four" accusation was too over the top to correct. Now that ambulance chasing, one-horse law office that she worked for, Dorsey-something, that's what she should be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

Pretty dumb mistake. They probably caught John Stewart's segment on Monica Goodling.

Mark Cohen, editor said...

I must admit the Stewart thing is amusing.

I think you're right that the letter writer probably thought she went to Monica Goodling's law school (Regent -- a/k/a Pat Robertson -- University) rather than Yale. It does bring up the queston of how much fact checking you do on what comes in for your letters. That likely never would have gotten through in an article.