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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rosario: Hatch must go from AG's Office

The Pioneer Press's Rubén Rosario, who has been closely following the events at the Attorney General's Office, wrote a piece calling for Mike Hatch's removal. While commending Hatch for his service to the state, he said it's time for the ex-AG to move on.

Formatting the piece as a letter to Lori Swanson, Rosario says: "Your decision to bring Hatch back into the office, according to nearly a dozen current and former staffers, is the main reason why your office's public image, if not effectiveness, is sinking."

Rosario concludes his piece: "You mention Hatch can land a gig at a prominent law firm for substantially more money. Now's the time for Hatch to find that out. It's time to step up. Don't be like Mike. Just do it."

For the full article, see "One more employee at AG office needs to go" in today's Pioneer Press.


bobby_b said...

His knowledge and qualifications aside, a reporter covering the story has no place doing such a thing.

Now, all of his reporting on this issue, and the people involved, past and future, has to be suspect.

Anonymous said...

Rosario was right on the money in his column but I think the Pioneer Press should have not published the column or precluded him from working on the news story. That doesn't seem right. It was, however, a great opinion piece he wrote. I still think there is more to the story. The micromanagement and lack of management respect for the professional judgment of AAG's still exists. Politics and headlines shouldn't run a public law office - ethics and a spirit of public service should.